Full Name
Shandrea Spencer
Job Title
MyWAVE Specialist
The Wave Transit
Speaker Bio
Shandrea Spencer is the MyWAVE Specialist for The Wave Transit Systems in her hometown of Mobile, AL. She has a B.A Communications and A.A Computer Information System. She has 20 years’ experience in the computer software industry and has traveled to 47 states training and implementing automotive software and healthcare software. Her professional motto is “I can do the work and deliver exceptional result to the company”. She is highly skilled in software training and implementation. Shandrea is Six Sigma certified, White, Yellow, Green belt and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and is currently working on her Black belt certification. Shandrea is constantly enrolling in classes and workshops to stay current in the ever changing world of technology. Shandrea is an only child and some might say she was an Army brat as her Dad was in the United States Army for 20 plus years. In her spare time, Shandrea loves reading and says, “The smell of a new book is intoxicating to me; yes, I am old school with a passion for technology!”
Shandrea Spencer